Top 6 Articles on Work Attitude and Relationships

Below are six of my favorite pieces on the web about:

  • becoming an effective leader
  • developing a good attitude at work
  • working smarter, not harder
  • working alone and identifying your own strengths
  • working with others and maximizing their strengths
  • dealing with difficult colleagues
  1. Above and Below the Line
  2. 7 Key Habits to Building Better Relationships
    How to really listen, how to maintain an even keel, and more tips that you can apply to your work or personal relationships.
  3. Radical Candor

    Why you’re actually doing your team and your colleagues a disservice if you aren’t providing regular, clear, healthy criticism — and how you can do this effectively.
  4. The 2 Points of Clarity that Will Make You So Much More Productive
    “Habit always beats willpower.”
  5. The Nice Person’s Guide To Providing Criticism
  6. How Successful People Handle Toxic People